Southwest Florida Land Preservation Trust

Grantmaking Outcomes

Priority Area – Community

Criteria – Build the capacity of nonprofits that provide community-wide services

Grant Amount – $10,000

Setting the Stage

The Southwest Florida Land Preservation Trust (SWFLPT) has been working on the Gordon River Greenway for twenty-five years, and the largest part of the project is now under construction.  One of the remaining links to be completed is on the Naples Airport off of North Road.  The SWFLPT has a legally recorded easement for this pathway.  On the attached aerial this pathway shows as a dotted green loop. The survey work has been completed and the fundraising is beginning for a design build project.   The preliminary estimates for the construction of a ten foot wide path were approximately $425,000 in 2012.  Because the majority of the pathways in the greenway are now designed for twelve-foot cross sections, the plan is to match that width and construction costs will increase.  It is estimated that the final amount needed will be approximately $500,000.  A preliminary design build estimate has been requested from Manhattan Construction.  There will be significant cost savings for the project if the bid is let to Manhattan while they are still mobilized in the Greenway corridor and at the airport. This has caused the SWFLPT to expedite this phase of the project.

The Impact

The preparation of the path and the delivery of the lime rock is complete.The funds have now been raised for the final phase, including asphalt and a removable bollard.Completing this segment prior to the opening of the county greenway was critical for public access at the southern end.