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Community Foundation of Collier County Changing Needs Fund

The Community Foundation provides grant dollars to nonprofits for programs that have measurable results in addressing changing community needs and grants dollars to support nonprofit capacity building to ensure that nonprofits have the tools needed to operate using best practices.

We also work with Community Grantmakers who have established a Field-of-Interest Fund at the Community Foundation to support their grant program. Deadlines will be announced throughout the 2019 fiscal year.


All applicants must complete a Profile in the NONPROFIT DIRECTORY, a key resource for donors and committee members when reviewing your organization’s application.  Please contact Dawn Grundeman at if you need login credentials to create a new Profile or click on “forgot password” if you need a new password. Your NONPROFIT PROFILE is used as the cover page for your application.  The information gives grant committee members a better understanding of the scope of your organization, its mission, programs, and long-term goals. Tip – use brief statements or bullet points to describe your programs and long-term goals whenever possible.

Is my nonprofit agency eligible to apply for a grant?

    • Applicant must be a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization
    • Applicant organization must be at least two years old from Effective Date of Exemption listed on the IRS letter of determination
    • Applicant must have a Profile in the Nonprofit Directory.
    • Applicant must have matching funds of 25% cash or other as specified in the grant application description
    • Applicant must meet the grant guideline criteria
    • Applications must be relevant to Collier County
    • Applicants must meet submission deadlines
    • Applicants must agree to the Community Foundation’s Statement of Diversity.
    • Applicants must agree to report back to the Community Foundation on relevant outcomes of funding.

    We do NOT fund the following:

    • Grants to individuals
    • Political campaigns
    • Lobbying
    • Scholarly research
    • Annual campaigns
    • Event Sponsorships

Vital Signs

The Community Foundation of Collier County’s strategic plan ties its grantmaking to relevant community information from the most recent Community Needs Assessment funded by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. 

Types of Funding Available


Women’s Foundation of Collier County


$50,000 grant to support programs serving senior women in Collier County.

Grant award will be announced July 1, 2019, and awarded at the Power of the Purse luncheon in December 2019.

A $50,000 grant will be made to one qualified charitable organization that offers a program(s) directly addressing one or both of these two areas:

1) Senior Women’s Mental Health

2) Senior Women’s Isolation

The Women’s Foundation of Collier County looks for programs/projects where a $50,000 grant can make a difference to the organization’s ability to address the issue. The Committee will choose one project that best fits the needs of senior women in Collier County and addresses the focus area. Applications that do not directly address one of the above focus areas will not be considered for funding.

Eligible expenses include program staffing, transportation, operating expenses, and consumables directly related to the program’s impact. The Women’s Foundation of Collier County will not offer a grant for capital support for building projects, endowment building, or deficit funding.

The Community Foundation of Collier County requires:

  • A completed and updated profile in the Nonprofit Directory prior to beginning an application
  • That the applicant be a 501(c)3 charity serving Collier County residents
  • An investment of at least 25%, by the nonprofit, of the value of this grant

Grant Selection Criteria includes:

  • Does the project directly address a real need related to Senior Women’s Mental Health or Senior Women’s Isolation?
  • Are the outcomes tangible and measurable?
  • Will the project create or contribute to improved services for the population served?
  • Will the grant from the Women’s Foundation make a measurable difference?

Please contact Laura Simmelink at with any questions.

Click here to download Expected Outcomes Form

The application deadline has passed.
Decisions will be announced on July 1, 2019:



The Naples Alliance for Children Teacher Education Fund


Makes grants to eligible 501(c)3 state-licensed early childhood programs in Collier County for the sole purpose of providing early education teachers with up to $500 tuition assistance per teacher to increase their educational levels as it relates to early childhood education.

Eligible programs applying for funding should: 1) identify the teacher by name, 2) the educational program they will attend, 3) the cost of the program, and 4) a statement about how the grant will help their organization’s long-term goals to provide high-quality education and care.

Eligible early childhood education programs receiving grants must report back in six-nine months on 1) how the grant dollars were spent, 2) the impact of the grant on their organization, and 3) a statement from the teacher.

Prior to beginning an application, the NAFC Teacher Education Fund requires a completed profile in the Nonprofit Directory.

The application deadline has passed.



Consultant Grants


C3 Grants for small nonprofits (Prior Year Revenues of $1 million or less) needing help to build the capacity of their organization (ie.., first-time strategic plan, operation planning, succession plan or financial planning).  To find a C3 Consultant, follow the link to our page on the website. Grants provided up to $2,000. Organizations may apply for one C3 grant every two years.

The application deadline has passed.



Program Grants 


The Community Foundation provides grant dollars to nonprofits for programs that have measurable results in addressing changing community needs. Funding range is $20,000 – $30,000. 

2018 Program Grant Application Cycle has closed.

Look for information on the 2019 Program Grants in Spring/Summer 2019. 



AREAS OF FUNDING in 2018-19 grant programs

Employment and/or Education 

  • Access to affordable childcare and preschool programs
  • Eliminating barriers preventing post-secondary options, particularly vocational education
  • Job training & education

Social Services and/or Housing 

  • Housing for low-income elderly, people with disabilities and low-income residents
  • Prevention of homelessness
  • Affordable assisted living options for low-income elderly

Environment and/or the Arts 

  • Access to affordable arts and cultural programming
  • Education and awareness about water quality, sea-level rise, conservation and the threats to the environment

Healthcare and/or Mental Health 

  • Access to affordable healthcare and mental health services
  • Access to affordable addiction treatment programs
  • Affordable assisted living options for people with mental health issues