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Community Foundation of Collier County: 
Changing Needs Fund

The Community Foundation provides grant dollars to nonprofits for programs that show measurable results in addressing community needs. The Foundation also provides grants dollars to support nonprofit capacity building to ensure that nonprofits have the tools needed to operate using best practices.

Grant decisions are made by community-based committees comprised of volunteers who have a background or particular interest in the program area. Community Foundation staff support these committees. Grant proposals are ranked and scored on multiple criteria by the committees, and issues such as sustainability and outcomes play a significant role in the decision-making process. 

We also work with Community Grantmakers who have established a Field-of-Interest Fund at the Community Foundation to support their grant program. Deadlines will be announced throughout the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Grants made through Donor Advised Funds are made at the discretion of the donor and are not part of our competitive programs grant process. 


All applicants must complete a Profile in the NONPROFIT DIRECTORY, a key resource for donors and committee members when reviewing your organization’s application.  Please contact Dawn Grundeman if you need login credentials to create a new Profile or click “forgot password” if you need a new password. Your NONPROFIT PROFILE is used as the cover page for your application.  The information gives grant committee members a better understanding of the scope of your organization, its mission, programs, and long-term goals. Tip – use brief statements or bullet points to describe your programs and long-term goals whenever possible.

ELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES: Is my nonprofit agency eligible to apply for a grant?

    • Applicant must be a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization serving Collier County, FL residents
    • Applicant organization must be at least two years old from Effective Date of Exemption listed on the IRS letter of determination
    • Applicant must have a Profile in the Nonprofit Directory.
    • Applicant must have matching funds of 25% cash or other as specified in the grant application description (Capacity Grant requires 1:1 match by organization).
    • Applicant must meet the grant guideline criteria
    • Applications must be relevant to Collier County
    • Applicants must meet submission deadlines
    • Applicants must agree to the Community Foundation’s Statement of Diversity.
    • Applicants must agree to report back to the Community Foundation on relevant outcomes of funding.

    We do NOT fund the following:

    • Grants to individuals
    • Conduit organizations that fund unrelated charities 
    • Political campaigns
    • Lobbying
    • Scholarly research
    • Annual campaigns
    • Event Sponsorships
    • Team or sport travel
    • Travel-related expenses
    • Organizations not serving Collier County, Florida

Grant Help/FAQ

Vital Signs

The Community Foundation of Collier County’s strategic plan ties its grantmaking to relevant community information from the most recent Community Needs Assessment funded by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. 

Types of Funding Available

Program Grants                 Application Link-Programs

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The Community Foundation provides grant dollars to nonprofits for programs that demonstrate measurable results in addressing community needs. Funding range is $20,000 – $30,000, and 2-3 organizations will be funded in each category below. Funding may be requested for either new programs, program expansions, or operational support.  Requests must provide detail on how grant dollars will be used.

Please note the following: 

  • Programs and projects must demonstrate strong measurable outcomes.
  • Please review the eligibility guidelines above and update your profile in the nonprofit directory prior to beginning an application.
  • Please contact Laura Simmelink prior to beginning an application if you have any questions about whether your program is eligible.
  • Please review the Community Needs Assessment on our website or the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation website to determine if your program addresses a need or gap in services.
  • Expected Outcomes Form
  • Nonprofit Financial Statement Form
  • Nonprofit Program Budget Form

AREAS OF FUNDING and DATES for 2019-2020 Program Grants:

Education or Employment: This grant cycle is OPEN through Nov. 4, 2019. Application Link

Environment or Arts: This grant cycle is now closed.

Healthcare or Mental Health: This grant cycle is now closed.

Human Services: This grant cycle is OPEN through Nov. 4, 2019. Application Link

Capacity Grants                     

This grant cycle is now closed. 

Capacity Grants: These grant funds are provided for small nonprofits (prior year revenues of $1 million or less) that need help building the capacity of their organization through a short-term project using a consultant or need support with small capital needs that build capacity. These grants are up to $2,500 and require a 1:1 match.

A consultant may be hired to lead a project. Examples of this include a first-time strategic plan, program planning, succession planning, or financial planning. Capacity Grants are not provided for ongoing operational activities performed by subcontractors or consultants.

Examples of small capital needs grants include technology or technology equipment, or equipment needed for a special project. A new software package needed in a program expansion is considered eligible. Requests for  items used for ongoing  daily operations, such as desktop/laptop office computers or office printers, will not be funded.

If you need help finding a consultant, please email Laura Simmelink or Dawn Grundeman for a list of local consultants. This list is provided solely as a convenience; The Community Foundation of Collier County does not endorse any consultant on this list over a consultant not included on the list. Organizations may use any consultant they wish to hire, including those not listed. Grantee organizations are responsible for negotiating terms of the contract, including cost and scope of work.

Capacity Grants are provided up to $2,500 and must be matched by the organization 1:1. Organizations may receive one Capacity Grant every two years.