Grantmaking Outcomes

Community Needs Fund – Tracking the Success of Our Grantmaking

Like all grantmakers, we want to maximize the impact of our grant dollars and be more effective at achieving our mission of connecting donor gifts with community needs.  The Community Needs Fund is made up of individuals and families who established a Fund to allow the Community Foundation to make grants to nonprofits for Collier County’s most current needs.

To encourage more donations to Unrestricted and Field-of-Interest Funds, each year we monitor the grants we give through the Community Needs Fund to help us better understand community outcomes and whether our grants are making a difference in lives of people ’s lives in Collier County.

In 2017, the Foundation convened community leaders who formed a Grants Performance & Outcomes Committee to evaluate the Foundation grants made. The Committee is chaired by Pat Aiken-O’Neill, CFCC Board member, along with John Kenny, Peggy Monson, Jeff Lytle, Mina Merkel, Theresa Whalley, Penny Isermann and Jeff Diermeier. Together, they help complete our community grantmaking process by conducting site visits, identifying outcomes and making recommendations for future grantmaking from the Community Needs Fund.

Our Yale Club Intern, Neida Moreno, created a collection of stories below.  Read more about 2016 grants:




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How do we know?

Every organization that receives a grant from the Foundation for programs and services must provide a final outcome report.  Visit our NONPROFIT DIRECTORY for in-depth, frequently-updated information about nonprofits serving our area.  You can also make a donation directly to that organization from the NONPROFIT DIRECTORY.