Donor and Corporate Advised Funds Handbook

The Donor and Corporate Advised Funds Handbook

The Donor and Corporate Advised Funds Handbook outlines everything you need to know to develop a personal giving plan based on your charitable goals and interests and start your donor advised fund.

Begin by thinking about the type of gifts you will use to establish your fund. While cash is easiest, appreciated stocks, real estate or other alternative assets are all options that are available to you.

Second, choose a name for your fund. A popular choice is often “The [Surname] Fund.” At times, donors wish to remain anonymous. When this is the case, our staff can assist you in choosing a name that reflects your wishes and protects your identity.

Finally, work with the Community Foundation to determine the type of fund you would like to set up. We can also assist you with transferring gifts, funds or a previously-established family foundation from one institution or private foundation to the Community Foundation of Collier County.