Planned Giving

A Traditional Form of Giving

The most traditional form of a deferred gift is a bequest included in a person’s will or revocable (living) trust. Allow us to assist you and your legal and financial advisors as you tailor your bequest to fulfill your specific wishes. And, if you intend to include the Community Foundation in your estate plans or have already done so, please let us know; documentation and discussion will help us ensure that your wishes become a reality.

What, when and how much do you want to give?

  • A specific dollar amount – Example: I give and bequeath $100,000 to the Community Foundation of Collier County.
  • Specific personal or real property – Example: I give and bequeath our primary residence and the art collection within the primary residence to the Community Foundation of Collier County.
  • Residuary gift – You may give the remainder of your estate in whole or in part. Example: I give and bequeath 50 percent of the residual of my estate to the Community Foundation of Collier.
  • Contingent gift – You may want to give a gift only if certain conditions are met. Example: I give and bequeath {my farm property} to my spouse, if he or she survives me. If my spouse does not survive me, I give and bequeath {my farm property} to the Community Foundation of Collier.

How do you want your bequest to be used?

  • Unrestricted gift: The gifts is made to the Community Foundation of general purposes.
  • Field-of-Interest gift: Choose a philanthropic area that you are passionate about.
  • Gift to an existing fund: You may leave bequests to funds that you established before your death; these may be donor-advised, scholarship or designated funds.
  • Use gift to create a fund: You may use a bequest to create a new fund to be administered by the Community Foundation. The new fund may be a donor-advised, scholarship or designated fund, and may be endowed or unendowed. The fund may be established while you are living and be named in your will or trust. The fund may also honor someone or serve as a memorial tribute.

The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is comprised of members who have included the Community Foundation of Collier County in their estate plan. The Legacy Society provides awareness to the general public about philanthropic opportunities that exist to sustain the future of our community while creating a family legacy.

Including the Community Foundation in your estate plan is easy. You can simply include a few lines about the percentage of your estate or trust, sum of money or property you would like to donate. You can also name additional beneficiaries. Contact our expert staff at the Community Foundation to start the conversation.
Members of the Legacy Society

Ms. Patricia Aiken-O’Neill Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Noel Osborne
Betty L. & Marcelo A. Alvarez Mr. Julian R. Hanley Mrs. Nancy V. Potter​
Mr. Francis A. Baker Dr. Mana P. Holtz Mr. & Mrs. James D. Proud
Ms. Bridget Bannon Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Horton Mr. David S. Reynolds
Mrs. Jane Billings Mrs. Robert Hurd Mrs. Susan A. Ritter
Ms. Huguette L. Castaneda Ms. Nancy Reed Ickes Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Rosenzweig
Mr. Ansel M. Chandler Michael and Penelope Isermann Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Schmelz
Mrs. Patricia A. Daniel Mr. & Mrs. David M. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Schueddig
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Derham Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Kant Mrs. Jane Shaeffer
Mr. & Mrs. Louis H. Dingerdissen  Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Karpas Ms. Marilyn Shields​
Ms. Susan Earl Mr. Patrick Keesler & Ms. Eileen Connolly-Keesler Mrs. Joan C. Shipman
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Finkelstein Mr. & Mrs. George R. Kempton Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson A. Simpson
Mr. Richard G. Ford Mr. Dennis Kilcoyne Mrs. Nancy Sineni
Mrs. Patricia A. Forkan Rev. Kathleen L. Kircher Mr. and Mrs. Erland Stevens
Dr. Howard L. Freedman Mrs. G. Edna Krentz Mrs. Helen Strong
Mrs. Diane R. Garesche Mr. William Laimbeer, Sr.  Mr. Thomas A. Sully​
Mrs. Betty Lee Gates  Mr. & Mrs. Ben J. Lancashire  Dr. and Mrs. Donald Ullrich​
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Gibson, Jr. Mr. William R. Lindsay  Myra Nicol Williams
Mrs. Christine Ginos Mrs. Alice Ross T. Martell  Mrs. Miriam Wolfson
Ms. Nina A. Gray Dr. Mary McLearn Mr. Bob Young
Mrs. Jean N. Grunow Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Montgomery Mr. Dietrich E. Zimmerman
Steve and Mary Lynn Myers