Scholarship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships

What is a scholarship fund?

Scholarship funds are charitable funds established at the Community Foundation of Collier County by generous individuals, corporations or organizations for the purpose of assisting students in continuing their education. Scholarships do not need to be repaid.

What type of scholarships do you offer?

The Community Foundation of Collier County can set up and offer a variety of scholarships for a variety of interests. Scholarships for college and universities are the most popular.

Who is eligible to apply?

We have scholarships for students with a wide variety of backgrounds, GPA’s, areas of study and levels of education. The Community Foundation of Collier County lists the names and descriptions of all of its scholarships on the Scholarship Connector. The Scholarship Connector is a centralized search engine that connects local students to numerous local, state and national scholarships.

Are only graduating high school seniors eligible?

No. While many of our scholarships are for graduating high school seniors, several are open to students already enrolled in college or adults who want to go back to school. Everyone is encouraged to apply through the Collier Scholars Common Application to see what they are eligible for!

Do you have scholarships for vocational schools?

Yes. Several of our scholarships provide support to students who attend vocational and technical schools.

How do I apply?

Apply online! Applying for CFCC scholarships has never been easier! By completing one online application, you’ll be considered for multiple scholarship opportunities. The Collier Scholar Application is open November through February. Click here to learn more.

What financial documentation is required for those scholarships for which financial need is a consideration?

You must include a copy of your SAR (Student Aid Report) from FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This is an application students and their families must complete in order to be considered for federal financial aid. The SAR received by the student is a report that summarizes the student’s financial need and provides the official “Expected Family Contribution” number. Please provide the complete report. You must also include a copy of pages 1 and 2 of your family’s most current tax return.

When will I be notified?

Scholarship awards will be announced in May.

If I am awarded a scholarship, do I receive the check?

Should you be awarded, scholarship payments will be sent to your college financial aid office after you submit verification of enrollment.

If I receive a scholarship one year, will I automatically receive an award for the following year?

Not all scholarships are renewable. If the scholarship you received is renewable, it is your responsibility to contact the Community Foundation if you plan to re-enroll for the following year. The Community Foundation requires students submit a college transcript and verification of re-enrollment before considering any renewals.

If I want to send a thank you note, where do I send it?

The Community Foundation strongly encourages all scholarship recipients to extend their gratitude to donors who generously provide higher-education scholarship assistance. Address a thank you note to the name of the scholarship you received, and mail it to:

Community Foundation of Collier County
1110 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 200
Naples, FL 34108