Community Foundation Scholarships

The Community Foundation believes scholarship opportunities can ignite educational dedication and unlock dreams!

Positive growth in any community begins with its young people. That’s why investing in their education guarantees their success as an individual and professional. As of spring 2017, the Community Foundation of Collier County manages more than 45 scholarship opportunities that have awarded more than $695,000 to students enrolled in high school, technical college, community college and/or university programs. This year, the Community Foundation will be working with more than 168 newly awarded scholarship students.

The Community Foundation will also be working with up to 88 students that are eligible to renew a scholarship award. During the 2017/2018 School year, the Foundation will be working with more than 255 students on scholarship.

Scholarships were awarded through more than 45 opportunities administered by the Community Foundation and established by generous local donors, corporations and organizations seeking to assist students in pursuing higher education. Most of these funds focus on students’ achievements, financial hardships and academics and all express a deep belief in the power of education to help young people achieve their dreams. Objective selection committees appointed by the Community Foundation evaluate the candidates.

Getting Started—Change a life!

You can change a life by providing access to education for students who may not be able to pursue or fulfill their dream

If you are interested in starting a scholarship fund, we can help you! Scholarship funds are a vital resource that can enable students to realize their educational potential and dreams. Establishing a scholarship fund at the Community Foundation is an effective way to meet your charitable objectives.

Assist underprivileged students, support a specific school or education initiative, or start a scholarship for college or university.  You may stay involved as an advisor or allow the Community Foundation to appoint a selection committee that selects scholarship recipients based upon specific criteria. Scholarship funds can vary in size and complexity, but one thing is in common throughout all funds, the charitable spirit and dedication to the education of all those that created them.

Click below to see Jason Francoeur’s scholarship story.

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Donate to the CFCC’s General Scholarship Fund

For those individuals that would like to remain anonymous or would like to provide a support to college-bound students can provide a donation through the CFCC’s General Scholarship Fund. The eligibility and selection criteria for these scholarships may be established by addressing an immediate community vital need or by the Community Foundation.

These awards are made either to fill gaps left by existing scholarship programs or to meet a vital community need. Donate today to change a life! Contact Laura Bidireanu, Director of Education/Scholarships at or call 239.649.5000 for more information.

Scholarships & Eligibility Information-Scholarship Connector

If you are a student, review all of the available scholarships, their eligibility requirements and the important deadlines.

Visit our new scholarship website, Collier County Scholarship Connector – The most complete online source connecting students to local scholarships.

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