Scholarships for Students

Providing $1.4 Million Annually for Students in Collier County

Attending college or trade school increases opportunities and opens doors to careers. Connecting students to scholarships and educational opportunities is our priority to give students a boost on their path to higher education.

Since 1991 the Community Foundation of Collier County has been a major scholarship provider in the community, awarding more than $1.4 million every year to individuals pursuing a higher education. Last year, more than 300 recipients received financial assistance from CFCC.

Countless Scholarship Opportunities through Scholarship Connector

Searching for scholarships has never been easier! Scholarship Connector is a centralized search engine that connects local students to numerous local, state and national scholarships. Connect to:

  • Scholarships managed by the Community Foundation – students can apply quickly and easily to more than 80 different scholarship opportunities by completing just ONE application.

  • Scholarships managed independently by outside local, regional, state, and national organizations. Students will apply directly to each opportunity. Deadlines and requirements may vary.

Search the Scholarship Connector

Help Change a Life

There are many ways to get involved and support CFCC’s scholarship program! If you are thinking about starting your own scholarship fund or contributing to the CFCC General Scholarship Fund, we can help! Please contact Laura Bidireanu, Director of Education/Scholarships, at
(239) 649-5000 or for more information or to get started.