Catholic Charities of Collier County

Grantmaking Outcomes

Priority Area – Human Services

Criteria – Help for families at-risk of becoming homeless

Grant Amount – $17,000


Setting the Stage

From 2009 to 2011, utilizing public and private funds, we provided  rental assistance to 206 heads of households with total expended of $149,998.82 In 2012 we received an Emergency Solution Grant from HUD for $52,000, and assisted with a $40,000 grant from the Community Foundation in 2013.  We aided nearly 100 families. Soon funds will be insufficient to meet the need. The program keeps a family of four housed to enable the immediate economic crisis to subside. All payments are made to landlords and all units are inspected. We propose to assist 72 clients for a total of approximately $52,000.

The Impact

Foundation funds were used to help us meet the HUD guidelines that require $1 for $1 match in the Emergency Solution Grant. This allowed us to continue providing rental and utility assistance to the poor and working poor of Collier County.  Since October of 2013, we have provided short term rental and/or utility assistance to 172 heads of households, representing 365 family members with total expenditures of $121,567. To assist over 70 individuals/families with utility and rental assistance to prevent homelessness and achieve stable housing. A total of 90 individuals received rental and/or utility assistance. All families achieved stable housing and were not evicted from their homes.  25 families had additional needs and were referred to partner agencies for help.