Care For Collier Fund to Support Red Tide Relief

The Community Foundation of Collier County opened the Care for Collier Fund with the assistance of local government and the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce to support emerging community causes.  The Fund’s initial cause will be to provide relief for red tide hardship for those connected to small water-based businesses in Collier County who have lost income due to the severity of the ongoing red tide crisis in Southwest Florida.

The Care for Collier Fund is designed to support community members in times of hardship.  The fund is initially intended to support small water-based businesses in Collier County in distress such as fishing and charter or water tour businesses, water monitoring equipment, and educational programs whose income has been adversely affected due to extreme red tide conditions.

Over $85,000 has been raised for red tide hardship relief for small water-based businesses including $50,000 from the Community Foundation Changing Needs Fund. The fund has granted $82,500 to 47 small businesses in Collier County for red tide relief so far.

Commissioner Penny Taylor said, “I applaud the extraordinary efforts of the Community Foundation to provide assistance to the small businesses in Collier County that depend on clean Gulf waters for their livelihood.”

You can donate to this fund to support small water-based business. Donations to the Care for Collier Fund can be made by clicking the button below or by sending a check to Community Foundation.

Donate to the Red Tide Relief Fund


“We live in a magnificent community, a community that is blessed and a community that cares.  This care is again highlighted by the good work of our Community Foundation of Collier County as it impacts the extraordinary needs of our small businesses impacted by red tide,” said Senator Garrett Richter.

“The red tide definitely has had an impact on our economy – particularly our small businesses that make a living off the gulf. Helping them through this is the right thing to do now,” said Michael Dalby, Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. “In the long term, we need to also come together regionally as one voice to advocate for change to the status quo. Solutions are out there…we need the leadership and funding to put them into action.”

“We recognize that our community has a serious environmental problem that requires assistance and the Community Foundation wants to be proactive in responding to that need,” said Eileen Connolly-Keesler, Community Foundation President & CEO. “Our Board and community partners have been extremely supportive of this new initiative and we thank them for their quick action which enables us to provide relief for many who have been affected by the red tide crisis.”

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*The IRS specifically allows charitable organizations to aid individual business owners who are financially needy or distressed; and given the severity of the crisis and Governor Scott declaring the area a state of emergency, these businesses are likely needy or distressed. The IRS is of the opinion that once a damaged business is restored to viability or self-supporting, further charitable assistance is no longer appropriate. Support will be provided unless and until the state of emergency is lifted and/or governmental assistance is made available that addresses this issue.