Grateful CHEF

Posted on January 24, 2020

Estrellita Diaz is serving up a bright future with a CFCC Scholarship

My name is Estrellita Diaz, and I am honored to be a recipient of the CHEF scholarship. Thanks to generous scholarships like yours, I will be able to graduate first in my family this following December from The Culinary Institute of America.

I’m excited to be able to write that I will be graduating from The Culinary Institute of America. Not so long ago, this didn’t seem achievable. I am graduating from the ivy league of all cooking schools, and I consider myself tremendously fortunate. Not only was attending the CIA one of my biggest dreams, but it was also a huge risk. I took the leap.  I decided CIA because the industry I was getting into is tough and competitive, and I needed to be better prepared. I wanted to be trained and have the tools to stand out. All the chefs I admired and knew were CIA-made, and I wanted to learn the way they did.

Once I graduate from the Culinary Institute of America with my bachelor’s degree, I plan on working with a manager in training position for the front of the house. Expanding my knowledge in that section of the restaurant would be impactful for my future endeavors. My long-term career goals include owning an upscale Mexican restaurant with a spectacular wine and beverage program. Mexican cuisine is very close to my heart as I grew up in a Mexican household. I want to take this comfort food and elevate it. Through my education and concentration in advanced wines, I learned more about sommeliers and service. I was intrigued by how different their wine lists could be. I was even more amazed by sommeliers who step outside the box and add obscured regions to their wine list. Currently, Napa Valley is the hot region for all wine, but various up and coming regions could potentially share Napa Valley’s fame one day. I want to be part of this future, especially with the wine scene currently growing in Mexico. I want to use my education and passion to form a business well known for their food as well as their beverage service.

I am beyond grateful to have been selected to receive The CHEF Scholarship. The financial assistance provided will be of great help in paying the last of my educational expenses. I’ll finally be the first to graduate from my family, which this scholarship has significantly made possible. As my burden lightens, I feel like I will be able to concentrate entirely on my final semester.

Your contribution to my education is much appreciated.