Our Leadership Team

2017-2018 Board of Trustees

The Community Foundation of Collier County is governed by a Board of Trustees and committees comprised of local community leaders and philanthropy enthusiasts.  The Community Foundation is administered by a full-time professional staff. Operating expenses are paid from management fees, through grants and partnerships with local and national foundations and organizations, and from gifts designated by donors to cover Foundation operating costs. Click here to read about our new members who came on board in July 2017.

Front Row: George Abounader, Erika Aron, Patricia Aiken-O’Neill, Mary Lynn Myers, Jennifer B. Walker, Myra Williams, John K. Paul,

Back Row:  Brian V. McAvoy, Jerry Tostrud, Kathleen Kapnick, Bradley Havemeier, Todd Bradley, Marsha Murphy, David Watson, Lynn Martin, Eileen Connolly-Keesler,

Not Pictured: T. Robert Bulloch, Mary Beth Johns, James F. Morey, Mario Valle.

Our Mission:  Working with donors, we inspire ideas, ignite action, and mobilize resources to address community needs in Collier County. For Good. Forever.

Community Foundation of Collier County By-Laws


 2017-2018 Board of Trustees

Mary Lynn Myers, Chair Jerry Tostrud, Chair-Elect Marsha Murphy, Secretary George Abounader, Treasurer Jennifer B. Walker, Immediate Past Chair
Patricia Aiken-O’Neill Jorge Camina Bradley Havemeier James F. Morey Eileen Connolly-Keesler, CFCC-President/CEO
Erika Aron John M. Costigan Mary Beth Johns John K. Paul
Todd Bradley R. Robert Funderburg Kathleen Kapnick David Watson
T. Robert Bulloch Brad A. Galbraith Lynn Martin Myra Williams


Trustees Emeriti

Ann E. Berlam Christine Flynn Patricia Jilk Ramiro Manalich Thomas G. Schneider
Jane Billings Marion T. Forte Kim Ciccarelli Kantor Brian V. McAvoy Michael J. Schroeder
Dolly Bodick Dottie A. Gerrity Kathleen L. Kircher Thomas D. McCann Beverly A. Smith
Christopher P. Bray J. Dudley Goodlette Frank L. Klapperich, Jr. John J. Morgan, Jr. John F. Sorey, III
Dennis C. Brown Laird Grant Groody William Laimbeer, Sr.* J. Richard Munro Duane Stranahan, Jr.
Cornelius P. Cacho Kevin C. Hale James B. Lancaster, Jr. John M. Passidomo William E. Thomas
Joe B. Cox Brad Havemeier William D. Lange Alan D. Reynolds Mario Valle
Alison K. Douglas Mana A. Holtz L. Bates Lea James T. Rideoutte Gordon R. Watson
Jeffrey R. Erickson Alan M. Horton Suzanne Lount Deborah Russell Joanne S. Wyss
 Linda C. Flewelling Thomas E. Ingram Linda R. Malone Ned R. Sachs Harold L. Zink


Community Foundation Staff

 President/CEO  Eileen Connolly-Keesler
 Education/Scholarship Director  Sharon Bayata
 Administrative Assistant  Dawn Grundeman
 Chief Financial Officer  Lisette Holmes
 Director of Donor Services  Ann Hughes
Scholarship Assistant Louna Jacques
 Accounting Manager  Eric Kingsley
 Events Coordinator  Carri Kreisman
 Donor Information Specialist  Marsha Lewis
Vice President of Development Lindsey Touchette
 Marketing Director  Cindi Withorn