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Immokalee Housing & Family Services

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Susan Golden
2449 Sanders Pine Circle
Immokalee, FL 34142
Phone: (239) 657-8333
Fax: (239) 657-8335

Mission Statement

The mission of the Immokalee Housing & Family Services is to provide decent, safe and affordable rental housing and supportive social and educational services for farmworkers and other low-income families.

Programs Offered in Collier County

IHFS is dedicated to providing a continuum of services for residents which includes community and educational programs such as afterschool enrichment and summer camp for children, VPK and Preschool, computer education, health education, adult and family literacy, teen programming, Neighborhood Watch and Residents' Council.

General Information

  • This is a Nonprofit Organization
  • Tax ID: 59-2716833
  • Fiscal End Date: 2012-12-31
  • Number of people served in Collier County: 251-1000
  • NPD Year: 1985
  • Last Updated: June 14, 2013

Organization Size

  • Full Time Employees: 6-15
  • Part Time Employees: 6-15
  • Volunteers: 51-250

Finances (Revenue)

  • Government Grants: $277,750.00
  • Special Events: $2,887.00
  • Public Contributions: $203,002.00
  • Total Revenue: $483,639.00

Breakdown of Public Contributions: 0% Corporations, 0% Individual Donors, 0% Private Foundations.

Finances (Expenses)

  • Program Services: $231,348.00
  • Administration: $31,793.00
  • Other Expenses: $8,179.00
  • Total Expenses: $271,320.00

Percentage of Dollars Spent on People in Collier County: Not Provided.

Fund Balance

  • $0.00

Age Groups Served

Racial Demographics Served

  • African/American
  • Haitian
  • Latino

Special Populations Served

  • Low-income Families
  • Working Poor
  • Migrant Families

Geographic Locations

  • Immokalee

Primary Mission Focus

Board Members

Howard Agranat (Board Member), Stephen Teaford, Esq (Board Member), Earl Zellen (Board Member), Sr. Maureen Kelleher (Vice-chair), Harry Weaver (Board Member), Richard Stevens (Board Member), Harriet Lancaster (Board Member), Frank Proto (Treasurer), Dr. Frank Nappo (Chair), Carl Kuehner (Board Member), Aimee Schlehr (Secretary), Donald Shapiro (Imm-past-chair), Jon Zoler (Board Member)

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