Financials and Investments

About Our Financials

The Community Foundation of Collier County – CFCC –  is a tax-exempt, public, charitable fund, established in 1985 with a $300,000 endowment and a vision for increasing private philanthropy in Collier County.  As of May 2017, the Foundation holds over $150 million in assets and has distributed nearly $112 million in grants to nonprofit organizations and community programs.



The Community Foundation manages a pool of permanent endowed funds established by charitable individuals and makes grants from the investment earnings to address community needs and issues. Through sound investing, effective grantmaking and building the capacity of Collier County nonprofit agencies, the Community Foundation seeks to strengthen our community for good and forever.




About Our Investments

Our Managed Pool

The Foundation contracts with Colonial Consulting to manage its Managed Pool, Index Pools, and SRI Pool.

Managed Pool Performance Summary (June 30, 2017)*

Current Allocation Qtr 1 YR 3 YR 5 YR
Total Portfolio 100% 3.4% 13.6% 3.8%  6.9%
CFCC Policy Benchmark  2.1% 10.5%  3.0%  6.9%

*Net of fees




Our Financial Partners

Northern Trust, U.S. Trust, Huntington, Sun Trust and Mill Creek Capital Advisors are financial partners with the Community Foundation. If a donor has an existing relationship with any of our Financial Partners,  the Community Foundation can use the partner as the investment manager for that donor’s specific fund.



The Importance of Transparency

The Community Foundation’s Chief Financial Officer and its Investment Committee – eight individuals with business and wealth management experience – provide another layer of due diligence. The Foundation’s CFO oversees the results of our investments monthly and the Investment Committee oversees those results quarterly.

We adhere to the highest standards and operate in the public view and in the public interest. Visit our NONPROFIT DIRECTORY for detailed information about the mission, governance, management and financials of the Community Foundation of Collier County.

For Your Reference

Our financials are updated quarterly and available for review. You may also review our most recent Report to the Community, the last three years of our tax documents, including Internal Revenue Service Form 990 and Form 990-T (if applicable), our Articles and Amendments and our ByLaws.